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The Story of Testosterone

Posted in Men's blog on August 10, 2016

Let us read a story about a hormone called testosterone. You must have heard about it before. But now, let’s learn about it. Testosterone is not just a hormone. It is the key sex hormone in man. Its duties and responsibilities are innumerable. The primary duty, however, is the development of males – their sexual Read More »

Libido Booster

Posted in Men's blog on August 5, 2016

Is your low sex drive a cause of serious concern? Is your sex life dull and grey? A low libido is a common event that several men face. From too much alcohol to too less sleep – a wide variety of physiological factors can culminate into a low sex drive. Yes, it is a cause Read More »

Work up a Libido!

Posted in Men's blog on July 30, 2016

Many a man faces issues due to a low sex drive. Don’t worry; you are not alone in this. A low level of testosterone and hence a low sex drive is caused by a variety of reasons. More often than not, the reasons are rather simplistic and do not have a worrisome source. There are Read More »

Level up Your Testosterone

Posted in Men's blog on July 25, 2016

The most important bodybuilding hormone is testosterone. It is the primary sex hormone in man. Testosterone causes puberty that transforms a boy into a full grown man. This hormone practically governs development. To get a clear idea of how important it is, take a look at what it does: Building muscles and bones and making Read More »

Men vs Women

Posted in Men's blog on July 20, 2016

Men and women are different. Let’s face it, there is no point denying it. Men and women are different in every single aspect. Be it choices, preferences, qualities, abilities or whatever – there will always be a huge difference between the two sexes. But do not get me wrong on this. By different, I do Read More »

The No-No’s for Testosterone

Posted in Men's blog on July 15, 2016

Unintentionally, several men make certain mistakes and mess up their testosterone levels. Often we are unaware of what helps and what has a negative impact on our body. A wide variety of everyday stuff sometimes adversely affects your testosterone levels. So, it is safe to be a little more aware of the “definitely – no’s” Read More »

Reasons for Low Testosterone Levels

Posted in Men's blog on July 10, 2016

Before going into the details of the reasons for low testosterone let’s have a quick look at what a testosterone actually is? It is nothing but a hormone that is produced by the testicles in the human body and it actually takes care of the sexual characteristics of a male along with checking the levels Read More »

Excessive Testosterone

Posted in Men's blog on July 6, 2016

Testosterone Replacement Therapy henceforth referred to as TRT is a well known and highly popular cure for low testosterone levels. The benefits of TRT are too many to count – increased sex drive, higher energy, no acne problems, less fat in the body, stronger muscles and whatnot. But it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Read More »

Testosterone and Men

Posted in Men's blog on July 1, 2016

The primary sex hormone that man possesses is called testosterone. It can also be called the sex hormone that controls men. No, this is not a direct accusation of perversion on all men. What I mean is that testosterone is the hormone that controls development in all adolescent men. A man’s physical features and attributes Read More »

Give Your Libido a Chocolaty Boost

Posted in Men's blog on June 21, 2016

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Be it dark, milk or white chocolate – no one can resist it. Not only is it delicious, but it is also exceptionally healthy. Chocolate is known to make you smarter and stronger. It is a rich source of carbohydrate and is therefore packed with energy. One bar of chocolate a Read More »